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Turning water flow into electrical energy


The hydro power generator is the energy source of TipTapTop.
It produces electricity up to a 12V voltage. After some tests, we measured that having a 180 Ohms resistor would optimize the current up to 45 mA, that is to say 550mW.

Emitting a jolly jingle

sound card

TipTapTop's soundtrack guides children during the hand-washing process. These different steps are explained while listening a joyful voice: children can now enjoy this daily task.

Faster, better, clever

solenoid + sensor

A solenoid valve & a IR sensor make it "contact-free" : the child just has to put his hands beneath the tap; it triggers the water flow.

It stops pouring every time the child removes his hands. Therefore it reduces water waste up to 70%.

Storing energy

Energy balance

The energy produced by the hydro power generator is stored in this battery
We measured the consumption of each component during a hand-washing cycle and a period of non-use. We calculated that this device produces energy in excess during a hand-washing cycle: TipTapTop can stay online for months even if not used. Thus, TipTapTop is totally self-sufficient in energy: just put it on a tap and it’s ready to go !

Connect them all!

circuit picture schematic

All electrical components are connected to a circuit-board card. The 12V delivered by the generator is lower to 9V to feed the battery and to 6V to power the IR sensor, the solenoid valve and the sound card.

The sound-card is triggered by the infra-red sensor: the audio message starts as soon as a child puts his/her hand under TipTapTop.

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